I work in a factory part-time to support my other shenanigans. Sometimes this is OK, some times it’s hard work. The work in itself is not the problem. Hell as Camus said, is other people.

One activity people indulge in occasionally at work is winding people up, which actually seems to be a national sport here in Ireland. Winding people up, in it’s worst form involves no wit or skill. All it involves is one person pushing another persons buttons until they crack. It is pointless, stupid and mean.

Then sometimes the situation is complicated by the fact that the winder is already themselves wound up. A recipe for an explosion.

Me, I have learned to keep it all in, for the most part, as there is little point in bringing any new age wordiness to working relationships. Easier to clench the jaw (hard) and carry on and afterwards go for a run, have a beer or draw a cartoon. Unless of course I’m having a bad day…

In this instance, bizarrely, I drew the cartoon BEFORE a team mate who was having a bad day suddenly began to follow me around questioning my ability to do my relatively simple job. I was having a bad day too. Unfortunately, I did not have access to a mallet. I can dream though…. 😉


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    • A friend of mine, in the heat of argument, imagines adversaries floating out to sea, naked on a burning raft. I find its a quite effective one. Always makes me giggle:)


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