So today I was in Tesco, a bit tired, a bit dazed from work, looking into some shelves. Someone was passing behind me with a trolley and I stepped in close to the shelf and then stepped back but she hadn’t passed, she had abruptly changed direction and my basket crashed against her trolley.

“Sorry” I said without looking. After a few seconds I became aware that she was standing glaring at me. Obviously I hadn’t enunciated clearly enough. I stared at her for a beat or two. (I’m a bit cranky on a Monday). And then said…

“I said sorry.” She started to smile but I wiped that from her face as I explained,

“But it’s partly your fault too. And you could see me whereas I couldn’t see you.”

Well her smile curdled and her face wrinkled up like, well, you know what like and she began to whine. I guess she’s not used to people talking back. Not your day Fanny girl.

“Oh,” I said, “I’m not going to argue,” and I turned away so she had to shut up. Eventually. (blah, blah, blah.)

But, I was annoyed as I always am when I meet these fuckers. There are women living in holes in the ground in Calcutta selling their asses for a couple of rupees 16 hours a day, women stuffed into Burquas in hovels, forced to breed deprived of education, young girls buried alive or stoned to death for talking to boys or being gang raped by their fathers friends and here’s this bint in the Supermarket looking for an argument with another woman because I “hurt” “her” trolley. Jesus.

The only thing for me when this happens is to transmogrify the whole thing into a cartoon. I am glad I have that, it really turns this stuff around for me and I confess I was spluttering laughing while I was drawing the big cunt… 😀 Hope you enjoy it too!

NOTE:Apologies to my followers who follow for the pretty photos 🙂 This blog is a bit schizoid and soon I will be splitting it up into Westown stuff and Other Stuff because no-one can be interested in all the nonsense that comes out of my head…can they?

6 responses to “THE TESCO INCIDENT

  1. Ah Clare i am falling around the place laughin….can I move into your house with ya when I get home coz we are cut from the same cloth lady????!!!! Absolutely brilliant x


    • Hehe. We sure are Kitty, I am loving your reports!At the very least we have to get together when you get back and cause some trouble:)I am really going to nag you about putting your posts together. It will be a good thing to do get past any post trip blues too. Continue to travel well, making me jealous and making me laugh:D


  2. Just seeing this now, this is funnier than the mice post. Sorry I shouldn’t really say ‘funny’ seeing as you were peeved.
    Well said (and drawn!) ! *insert clapping hands emoticon*


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