Last night I went into the canteen and put a heat pad in the microwave. It takes two minutes to heat. I crossed the canteen to make a cup of tea and returned within , literally, one minute. By the time I got back a colleague was standing at the microwave waiting for her meal to heat.  My heat pad was thrown on top. It must have been in the microwave for, oh about 10 seconds. I stood with her slack-jawed  until the microwave dinged and she took her little meal and headed off. And the worst I thought she was one of the nice ones. Is there no end to people’s rudeness and self absorption?And so a little cartoon therapy for me today and now I’m smiling again 🙂

2 responses to “GOBSMACKED AGAIN

    • I know!I always think I am cynical and prepared for such incidents and I never am. I always ask myself first if I have ever done something similar and I know I would never even be ABLE to do something like this. Its these little things that make life hard for others. 😦


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