I have written poems for years because I like trying to paint pictures with words. I have no formal training though and I don’t read a lot of poetry(and when I do, I like short ones 🙂 ) so I am sure they don’t scan properly.

I have once had some verses critiqued by a writer friend and she was encouraging but I have yet to focus my attention in that direction. Still, I enjoy when words bubble to the surface, which seems to happen a lot during and after a long night shift, and I like putting them together to see if I can capture something. This is less a poem and more a collection of words and ideas because I am too tired and impatient to do much work on it.

Sometimes words like custard and porridge end up within a few words of each other and I am not entirely sure if this isn’t overkill. Then again, here it sort of captures that feeling of extreme nausea that comes with working 12 hours through the night.The snake theme was unintentional but it reflects the vague feeling of doom that seems to accompany this level of tiredness.PORRIDGE AND CUSTARD


The road gleams dully after last nights fog

as it snakes and hisses through sodden fields

red-eyed and spitting muck.

Bristling black fir trees scrape the low heavy sky

ripping open a custardy cuff of light to the east.

More trees, big and dark as we dip down

to the bridge over the river that ran

through the wild fields of my childhood.

Up at the roundabout the road coils

and straightens to glide silently

past porridge coloured houses

that flash splinters of dirty green light

before slithering back out of the sleeping town,

winding a wet mile or two before climbing

up into the lightening sky and home.

6 responses to “CUSTARD AND PORRIDGE

  1. Would you consider editing the post and leaving out all the self-doubt’ in the opening para. I just love the poem and the painting, ‘ A custardy cuff of light’ is a brilliant image. Look forward to reading lots more of your poetry in 2013!


    • Thanks Jean. Really appreciate that. As for the preface its not so much self doubt as an acknowledgement that there are people out there who work long and hard at crafting their words. I don’t. I do work at painting though, and I get irked by people who produce a painting or two of low standard and start referring to themselves as fine artists.I really don’t like the prevailing atmosphere in the arts that if you just do something, anything, its brilliant (though its true you have to be prepared to produce a lot of crap if you work in the arts:) ). I threw these words together without thinking much(though I do love the custardy light myself!It was the kernel around which the rest grew)and I think I could make something even better out of it. Thanks again!


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