Finally it is here my latest opus, my first opera The Attack of the Willie Men. But first an explanatory note is in order mostly because I love explanatory notes…

This was inspired on yet another couple of incidents at work where men elbowed their way into a job I was doing on the assumption I could not do it. I do not know if this happens outside of factories, where there are many people who feel small and underused in their jobs(especially middle aged men who perhaps feel they should be in charge of everything) but I imagine it does.

On these occasions the men in question are not trained in my job, their only qualification seems to be that they are men while I am a woman. They have a willie while I do not. I have a mere fanny, an anti-willie if you will. These men not only push their way in but they always screw everything up before disappearing to let unfortunate victim take the blame for the havoc they have wreaked.

To get things straight this is not an attack on men, whom I like very much, but rather on a sub-species of men who know nothing yet have bags of confidence. Though there are many annoying women in my work place who are pushy and think they know everything it seems to me that these women generally have a modicum of knowledge to back up their confidence and here I think is a major difference between men and women:men are born with confidence which enables them to go out and learn things. Women have to learn things before they gain confidence.

I like men and I know many men who have shared their expertise and tools and time for no reason except to help(and maybe to feel manly, and whats wrong with that?). On the various jobs I have worked on including jobs that involved man things like scaffolding and drinking tea out of manky cups the overwhelming majority of men have been helpful, generous even and open to having their brains picked. In fact I love picking mens brains because they so love having their brains picked. I love standing around my car with chaps and saying things like “The alternator, what’s that now?”and watching them blossom.

So no, I have no problem with anyone who offers help where help seems to be needed or is asked for, but I do however have a major problem with idiots who push their way into a situation they have no knowledge of to patronise someone who knows what they are doing in the hope they will end up seeming like a big fellow altogether. It wrecks my head!

I can accept arrogance in conjunction with knowledge but arrogance with stupidity?My brain short circuits. And so in lieu of having my head coming to boiling point and exploding brain matter all over these unfortunate fools at work where I might get into trouble, here is The Attack of the Willie Men….

(This is Act One. Two and Three will be on the way within the week.) TITLETITLE 2 ACT 1 1 ACT 1 2 ACT 1 3 ACT 1 4 ACT 1 5 ACT 1 6 ACT 1 7 ACT 1 8 ACT 1 9 ACT 1 10ACT 1 11TITLE 3 ACT 2 1 ACT 2 2ACT 2 3 ACT 2 4 ACT 2 6 ACT 2 7ACT 2 8 ACT 2 9ACT 2 10TITLE 4ACT 3 1a ACT 3 1bACT 3 2ACT 3 3ACT 3 4ACT 3 5ACT 3 6ACT 3 7ACT 3 8ACT 3 9ACT 3 10ACT 3 11


  1. Cannot believe you had me singing along (in my head though) ! I couldn’t read it without singing it lol
    Sorry to hear you have had these experiences; such a pain being a woman sometimes.


    • Thats brilliant to hear, I sang all the words out myself and I wondered if anyone would get that. Was going to add some hints about Gilbert and Sullivanesque-ness and Pucciniesque-ness but thought it’d be too clunky. Delighted you got that πŸ™‚ Yeh it is a pain but making the cartoon practically makes up for it πŸ™‚


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