So I went into the supermarket looking for profiteroles the other week and could I find any?Nope. Weirdly enough in these days of growing obesity and compulsive sweet eating the dessert section was miniscule while the yoghurt took up a 6ft by 12 foot refrigerator space. (And no yoghurt is NOT a dessert thank you. I am not sure what it is but it is not that.)

It’s like the ham situation. Have you seen how much space ham takes up in the supermarket?Crumbed ham, cooked ham, deli ham, torn ham, wafers of ham….How much pig do people need?!

Anyhoo, as for the yoghurt, I have no idea who’s eating it(can you ‘eat’ yoghurt?slurp maybe?)Me, I buy a pot every six months, put it in the fridge, forget it and then throw it out 2 months later.

There’s every conceivable bloody type of yoghurt in the supermarket.There’s even handmade bloody yoghurt. Is that not very Celtic Tiger and is that shit not all over?Handmade yoghurt!I dunno but I’m not sure I’d want any hands in my fucking yoghurt thanks and it seems it would take an awful lot of effort just for  yoghurt not to mention entirely messy. It is hard to imagine why anyone would actually want to make yoghurt with their hands, then again it could have been someones childhood dream. What kid wouldn’t want to get all covered in yoghurt?And hey, maybe that’s where all the yoghurt is going. To playschools.HANDMAID YOGHURT

As for the profiteroles there was not one in sight. This country need to get its dietary priorities right.