Its that time of year again when the flies are slowing down and the wasps are coming indoors while the spiders are busy spinning. I never kill spiders and I try not to kill flies or wasps but sometimes you just have to especially when they start actually picking on you or in the case of wasps who could actually kill me as I’m allergic to their sting.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a next life or now and if there is will the tables be turned?Will we emerge from a bright light to find a hoard of over-sized and angry creatures with rolled up magazines and fly swatters eager for revenge?And not just the insects but all the birds and hedgehogs and Mexican ground squirrels you ran over(one) and all the animals you have eaten….hardly bears thinking about.407112_2432654036233_1319325823_n

2 responses to “TIME OF FLIES

  1. Well now, we can’t have you being attacked and possibly killed by wasps. I fully support your need to defend yourself and yes, I can totally see us being on the other end of the swatter. Karma baby!! Lol


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