I may get in the in the neck from some women for perpetuating some sort of negativity about women here but it’s true the hormones do effect us. That’s not to say any of our feelings are invalid at any time, they are just magnified and sometimes distorted though often during pre-menstrual tension(PMT) one can be closer to the truth of things. Sometimes PMT can take a positive turn and result in a flush of confidence and a drive to do things though typically that hasn’t happened to me that much…WHOREMOANS

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  1. ‘Take no bullshit’ hormones. Best stuff ever. Clears your mind to view the world as it really is. I think the media and society perpetuate the myth of PMS as a bad thing. (End note: of course not all women may feel that way about pms, as there’s different effects depending on what goes on in individually.) My 2 cent worth. cheers.


    • I like the way you look at it!Its true, I mean I also often find it a crap time but its a raw time, no time for shit is right though like you say it changes with the individual and stage of life and often with me from month to month. Thanks for commenting Lia also I am appreciating all your likes, much appreciated, glad you’re there.


      • Thanks for following the three!Delighted.Thinking of making it four and moving more personal essays to the new one though four may be too much. Experimenting really. I like having each blog focussed on a particular thing, I think it makes it easier for people who aren’t interested in some bits…we’ll see. Thanks again.


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