Yet another pet hate is a real pet hate or more a pet owner hate. Yesterday I was chased on my bike onto a busy road by a snarling terrier. Today someone’s cat was killed down the town by an Alsatian and Labrador off the leash. A pretty regular week around here so.

When I get assaulted by a dog-a frequent occurrence-the dog owner always declares that their snarling/barking/terrifyingly silent animal “Wouldn’t hurt a fly!” Their contempt for another persons fear (often terror) adds insult to injury.

I often wonder how many of these dog owners are afraid of something that I would find ludicrous?How many are afraid of spiders for instance?And how would they like it if I walked around throwing spiders at them?Or maybe I’ll start running at people and jumping on them and scratching them and tearing their clothes as has been done to me more than once… (“He’s just being friendly!”)…but that wouldn’t be OK would it?It’s only OK if dogs do it. For some reason.

Then again maybe dog owners are afraid of nothing at all, like sociopaths, which is why they can’t empathise with those, adults and children, whose hearts are filled with terror when they see a black shape loping toward them, a terror which is understandable as the average human being has been hard-wired to feel it for millennia.

(By the by one of my best pals was an Alsatian, much missed now, but I never trusted him an inch. He was a bit crackers, sometimes he would mistake me for a stranger and lunge for me realising his mistake at the last minute. It was never not terrifying even for me who knew him and makes me marvel at people who are arrogant enough to think they can predict any animals -or persons-next move every time).

All anyone wants is for these owners to be responsible and respect that public space is necessarily shared with people who do not think  the same way as they do and to appreciate that non-dog owners (and responsible dog owners) are not invading their space and terrifying them.

Try suggesting that around here though and all you’ll get is an outpouring of rage and vitriol that they claim you will only see in a chihuahua. A chihuahua!Give me an aggressive chihuahua to a possibly docile doberman any day of the week. Love your dog by all means but it’s ludicrous to expect that everyone does the same and that your dog in turn will love everyone back.



4 responses to “HURTING FLIES

  1. Another spot on observation. Animals are generally docile around their owners because they know them, but by nature, they are wary of strangers. A pet owner who chooses to be oblivious to this puts everyone in danger. A few days ago on my daily walk, a dog off its leash came charging at me barking like crazy. I was terrified. The owner had to run after it and managed to stop the dog right before it tore into me.


    • Thats it exactly Rachael!I think its a huge problem yet no-one will address it. I wish we could start separating dog walkers from runners and non-dogwalkers. People who hear me complaining about this think I hate dogs and I don’t. Being brought to the brink of terror by these dog owners is a regular event for me. Sorry to hear you had that experience too. I know exactly how horrible it is.


  2. LOL… so on point as always. Same thing here, as I am chased by off-leash dogs who want to have my little guys for lunch. Meanwhile, the owner is yelling, “He just wants to play!” While the dog growls, barks and has the hacks up. LOL Good to have you back funny lady.


  3. Thanks Stephanie. I would be terrified to walk dogs out and about what with all the big dogs off-leash. We had a terrible situation here last year when a little yorkshire terrier was savaged to within an inch of its life by two retrievers. When the owner of the retrievers was asked for help he departed from the normal response and merely said “F** off.” The little dog survived though. There are some people out there who shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs….and yes, I am glad to be back!


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