My Granny, who died 34 years ago~her anniversary as it turns out was last week~ was always baking and there was usually a rhubarb or apple pie waiting for us when we visited her in her terraced house in Wexford. My mother bakes like a demon too but she always edges her tarts with an extra seam of pastry whereas Granny tamped down the edges with a fork which is why it was Granny that popped into my head when I was making an apple pie today because I found I was doing it too. This cartoon’s for you Granny…PIE

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  1. Oh Clare, I love this post. I’ve been finding myself thinking my grandmother these last few days too as we used to spend Easter with her on her farm when I was a kid. It was all pet lambs, daffodils, baking, homemade butter, collecting warm eggs ….. why wouldn’t we remember?


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