It is often written that people pump up their lives on social media but I can’t help believing it all and being convinced my life is a disaster area without parallel. When  friend told me he used to live in a loft in New York I imagined what would happen if I were to attempt to be so cool and of course the image of the loft in my parents house sprang to mind…

I couldn’t resist using the teenage uniform of tiny denim shorts, Victorian style buns and check shirts, a uniform I find hilarious and sad too. There are few kids nowadays who don’t dress like that. Did punk never happen?I am thankful back in the day I wore exactly what I wanted despite the ridicule the drones showered me with…LOFT

6 responses to “LOFTY GOALS

    • Thanks Jean…oh lordy, it doesn’t sound like much now…jeans bleached ala Pollock and torn, scissored sweatshirts and a bomber jacket with sketches and quips written on it. I used to get terrible heckling for a while which I hated but somehow I just had to wear what I wanted, then people went quiet and then the bleached jeans began to appear everywhere…I learned a lot about people back then, a lot I didn’t want to know! 😀


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