Its been a while since a cartoon occurred to me so I had the thought that I should sit down and actually work at making one appear. To this end I am giving myself a 5 Day Challenge. This is number one. I am hard of hearing possibly due to something called Central Audio Processing Disorder (CAPD) which is like an audio dyslexia. It can’t be diagnosed when ear damage is present. Which I have as well.  Which is a pain in the arse. It means I hear in a different way. People who talk fast are very hard for me to understand because poor Brain can’t keep up (making Ireland a really bad place to live). My processor is like a fat old man in a musty room full of books, mopping his brow and muttering while matching up words to sounds. Often we (me and him) get it wrong which causes great amusement(for others) and irritation and embarrassment(for me). These days I am getting more able to keep the laughs and ditch the annoyance and besides it makes for interesting visuals. Even inside my own head words wriggle around and become something else so when I had to use some callipers recently at work I kept hearing the word caterpillars. In fact even when I uttered the word ‘Callipers’ it came out as ‘Caterillipers’. Which gave birth to this piece of whimsy. I thought it would only be three frames but was pleased when it turned into a sort of philosophy on life. Shut up and keep flapping. Not a bad idea. I also like that idea that though a butterfly may be able to cause a hurricane a misplaced caterpillar can change a few lives too… Click on the image if you need to see a bigger version.BUTTERFLY sm