One weird effect of posting 5 cartoons last week was that my ‘Cartoon Brain’ was intensified and only a half an hour after I posted the last one another two popped into my head. This one came to me in the local shop that sells everything, Cahills, as I was looking to add to my pen collection which had proved wanting in the cartoon department.  I was browsed the pencils this scene came to me intact…I have no idea why his name is Sven.

The other thing I have noticed~and I noticed this in my writers group when we were doing flash fiction exercises~ is that all my cartoons are tending towards the same sort of conclusions…better out than in I suppose!

Click on image to embiggen it!FINALLY SVEN sm


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  1. …if all your cartoons end with a sharpened-to-a-nub pencil surely that is a good thing?…. (apart from having to buy a new pencil to start the next cartoon)….brilliant as always…thank you…

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