Well this took a while. Hopefully it speaks for itself..or may be I am the only one who wonders about spiders like this. Occasionally I show cartoons to people~in real life~and often get greeted with puzzlement. I work hard to try to make them readable (Hercule took hours and that’s after all the drawing)but I may be too close to them so feedback is welcome.

Or maybe some people have no sense of humour. Finally Sven cracks me up for instance whereas a friend just looked at me like I was mad when I showed it to him though he had never heard of mechanical pencils. Which is weird too…

The only other thing is that I have tried as promised to go for a happy ending. There’s still some carnage though and not everyone comes out of it well but I am trying!

Oh yes!We also got short listed by Blog Awards Ireland so thank you to the nominators and judges for that. The competition is a bit stiff but nice to get this far. The Mermaids Purse didn’t make it for the first time in two years which is ironic because I think it has really come on this year. Go and have a look and see what you think.

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