All my life people have expressed amazement at my age as I look younger than I am. It actually embarrassed me to tell people my age because of the ‘oo’s and ‘ah’s I would get so recently when an acquaintance asked how old I was I braced myself for…nothing. You could nearly hear the silence shatter and drop tinkling to the floor as we sat there looking at each other. It was poignant and at the same time extremely funny.

After a number of years of battling the mid-life crisis it was one of those defining moments when it is driven home with force that there really is no reverse on this aging thing. It was extremely depressing and at the same time a part of me was nearly immobilized with rising a geyser of hilarity from the child-like part of myself (the largest part of me by a long shot)…

“Look!We’re an old woman now!And we’re only 7!Hahahaha!”

There was something so completely poignant and hilarious about it that it had to get the cartoon treatment….click on the image to embiggen.



7 responses to “AN AGE TO LIVE

  1. Well this rings true for me too. I got so use to people being shocked that I was as old as I was but now… that doesn’t happen. Sigh.
    A great comic and story!


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