I do try and keep thing non political but sometimes I have to make a cartoon to deal with things. Currently the Irish government is trying to privatise our water while lining the pockets of the usual suspects, those types who bankrupted the country in the first place. Some are saying they won’t pay for water at all while many are saying they would be happy to pay for  system which supplies clean water and which belongs to the country…. which is not the system that the government are backing..

The peaceful protesters (there seems to be no evidence of any use of force except by the Gardai~the Irish Police~ who are said to be ‘under pressure’ and are accused of using pepper spray as well as physical tactics) are being lambasted by the government backed national media, politicians and ex politicians  as, variously, ‘thugs’, ‘right wing’ ‘left wing’ ‘communist’ ‘rich’ ‘social welfare cheats’ ‘owners of expensive phones’ and ‘buyers of Christmas presents’.

That last accusation came hot on the heels of the publication of the projected mean spending on Christmas this year which will will be €1463 per household. That is an average figure (or at least a figure for an ‘average Irish household’) which I would have thought is low given what our free spending, over paid, underworked upper strata will be laying out if their behaviour in the last decade or so is anything to go by. I imagine many families will be spending far less that that.

One politician claimed there was a ‘sinister fringe’ at the protests given rise to a plethora of ‘bad haircut memes’ and the common sense rejoinder that the biggest sinister fringe around was sitting in government. At least we still have our humour.

As for the rest of the accusations you can see how contradictory it all is so I started to wonder exactly how our government and their ilk was picturing the protesters and Imelda was brought into being…just to help me cope with living in a country run by people who just don’t give a damn about its poorest and weakest. As always, click on the image to embiggen!IRISH WATER SM

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