This year cartoon me has lost her twinkle, killed someone for eating tiny squares of chocolate, found out from an angel what happened her ‘One’, got stuck in her dress (and died), left her brain in Roscommon, made an apple turnover, searched for the hero inside herself, watched the word ‘cup’, been terrorised by a cross dresser and abandoned by her lettuces(letti?).

She has met her ghostly, Chinese, jean-making doppelganger, Rory the Positive Seal, Sarcastic Rabbit(and his sidekick Roddy Hedgehog), Sven the Pencil and Hercule the Spider of Love. She has been arrested for stealing Oxo, imprisoned for incinerating a party of innocent people, taken her hamsters for a run and injured her calf (it was an accident!) among other things.

Just to say thanks for dropping by and thanks for your likes, comments and shares it’s all much appreciated. 2015 will bring more (hell, there’ll be more before 2014 is out) and I’m also planning a little book of ‘toons…just to see what it looks like. Keep visiting and spread the word. Thank you, have a great holiday and I hope the New Year brings good stuff for all of us!


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2014 review SM

4 responses to “TAKING STOCK

  1. …hmm…bit of a quiet one for cartoon-you then…hope things pick up for cartoon-you next year… : )….

    …I’ll certainly be keeping a look out for your cartoon-you adventures in the new year… jingle bells – T

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  2. Hah!Yes lets hope next year is more eventful 🙂 Thanks TT and thanks for being there, it is much appreciated my staunchest supporter. My new year resolution is to work harder to return the favour and let you know my appreciation of your humongous and crazy talent more regular like. Have a good ‘un x


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