There’s a lot of talk about social media these days. Many of us are conflicted about using the various platforms and I have many discussions with friends who have similar concerns which I find helpful and I think should be ongoing.

Then there are those users who deem themselves above certain platforms and see users of other platforms as inferior or silly. Those who don’t use it at all of course can be the most irritatingly smug. Finally there are those who use social media to criticise social media and its users. So. Tedious.

For me, having a hearing impairment, social media is an absolute godsend. It connects me in a way I could never be connected in an earlier era so I feel sort of odd when friends criticise the use of social media outright because it seems they saying I am a cretin for using it. What should someone like me do?Power down and stare at the wall?What about people who are isolated in other ways?I won’t go into other pros and cons here enough to say whether you like it or hate it just use it or don’t use it and move on. Simples.FACEBOOK SM

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  1. A very insightful post.
    I read a statement on another blog awhile back that said, “It’s easier to criticize than create.”
    It’s an unfortunate aspect of us humans that we reach for the negative. I’m not sure why we are built like that but it’s something I’m working on personally. Some days I do better with it than others.
    I get overwhelmed by social media but ultimately, I feel infinitely more connected to people than I ever have. Social media helps humanity connect and in the final analysis… it is a positive outcome.
    Great comic too!
    Happy New Year!

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    • Great comment Pam…yes being negative seems to be easier for many people, I guess its a protective mechanism of some sort. Social media I think has different rules than face to face or telephone communication and I think some people, no all of us really, takes a while to learn those rules and some people never quite get it πŸ™‚ This cartoon came from a back and forth with a Facebook friend who has been continuously posting about what losers people on FaceBook are…just bizarre and finally I had to pull him up on it but the cartoon has helped me laugh at it too.

      I try to keep it light, not criticise and keep my opinions to myself.. and I think I sort of succeed except in my cartoons when its fun. Enjoying your cartoons, I must drop by and visit you some more. Thanks for coming to see me πŸ™‚

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. And anyway, without social media I never would have made friends from different parts of the world. I would have been the poorer for that.


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