Well I wrote a post in reaction to all that happened in Paris yesterday, it’s fairly innocuous-I am not as brave as Charlie-but then I decided the last thing we need are more words and anyway I feel a bit wiped out from it all. Pictures are better. If you want to see an original blog post from an Irish blogger on humour and religion check out Mel Healy on Dave Allen here.

Here’s my doodle. It’s not saying anything smart, maybe it’s even saying something stupid but it’s what I’ve got and Sarcastic Rabbit, Roddy Hedgehog, Rory the Positive Seal, Rita the Shoeless Slug and Moley wanted to do something. Sven the Pretend Mechanical Pencil was too depressed.

Stay well people….and as always click to embiggen.


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    • …but of all the posts I read today i liked yours the best, it helped me step back and in fact it inspired what I wrote too. I’ll probably post it at some point. Thanks 🙂


  1. Clare, you’re the only cartoonist I know and it seems unthinkable that satire and humour, which are so fundamental in our society, should lead to such horrific consequences.
    Hugs, j

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