I am seeing lumbersexuals in the news a lot this week…which must mean those urban lumberjacks are going out of fashion. Thank god. I couldn’t help but gloomily imagine, given my propensity for misfortune, what kind of ‘lumbersexual’ I’d end up with if that was my sort of thing…LUMBERSEXUAL SM

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  1. ….(note to self…when I read a word that describes a fashion trend I have not heard of (lumbersexual), it is not entirely necessary to go to google images to see what is meant…because it may be funny as all hell and my lunch may become my computers next (unintentional) upgrade…)….

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    • It IS funny in real life as well as in your head(well its probably funnier in your head TT πŸ™‚ )…. but some of these urban lumber jacks have been seen in the likes of Starbucks with beards and checked shirts and rippling abs with axes at their belts….so I hear πŸ™‚ Fashion, got to love it


  2. Lol…spot on as always, my friend. Thanks for the evening chuckle, and good luck avoiding the lumbersexuals. *shivers* πŸ™‚

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  3. We have people here who actually work in the forestry industry and we have lumberjack days at the provincial park. If someone walk around like that here, they would get hearty call-outs; if they walked anywhere in town with a hatchet , let alone a bar or Tim Hortons ( this is not Starbucks country), they would be arrested for carrying a dangerous weapon. πŸ˜€

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