I know, I know, I have been neglecting my ‘tooning and I am feeling it too. This one is an old one which I had to re-draw and I thought I would post for the day that’s in it. I will be posting about a new character tomorrow (I hope). ย Meanwhile thanks to all my cartooning friends for sticking around and I am enjoying your posts too. I will try to get back on track..relation shit sm


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      • …lol…never set any standards/deadlines but your own…it’s being creative, not a competition…(and I’m buggered if I would like to try and keep up with me….supposedly I’m manic aaand obsessive…)….(!!)….

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      • Well yes….I guess its me as well…I miss my ‘toons and no definitely not competition!…more being inspired and energized?I sort of like seeing how others work and taking lessons :)…thinking on it if I hadnt seen others at work and what people are capable of I would literally never have done anything. Nothing. I don’t mean its good to replicate, we all find our rhythm, but other people. other artists and their practises are totally necessary as …touchstones?anyway….youre a good one ๐Ÿ™‚


      • …thank you…clearer now…always struggle with the concept that I could be a good influence or inspirational or just plain there for anyone….should really take more time to look up from my own wee world!….and you teach a lot yourself…love your wind swept Irish coast writing…should put the pen to paper more often myself!…

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      • I just think you’re great…the work itself, the amount you produce, the quality. Pat yourself on the back!I haven’t always worked closely with other artists but I’ve often been inspired by them…in fact every artist I know has given me something. Right now I am back in college to get my degree and I am a part of a small class and I am finding it amazing how much of a group effort it is…and how generous my classmates are…there;s no competition yet we’re spurring each other on and lighting fires for each other. Yet when I think about it that’s what its always been like because anyone whose doing the work they want will help and inspire an other like him or her.
        ….and yes why not write? go for it. I found it an amazing thing to do…as if I had opened a door…but I also have to say because I am trying to write, illustrate, cartoon, be in college. maybe paint, I find I am very fragmented and my goal now is to become more focussed…at which point I’ll want to be more fragmented…ha…all that is to say…whatever you do you…I want to see it :)…I’ve had some wine…can you tell? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


      • …wow…you sound as busy as me…I’ve written in the past…esp’ when I’ve travelled…and I guess I’m scrawling a bit around the pictures…goddam, not enough hours in the day….I know what you mean about the fractured thing….little bit of this, little bit of that…so many things to see, do, and make….word press is my college degree class!….

        …(maybe if I drank wine I’d write more…the beer just makes me draw…badly…)…. : )

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      • There are not enough hours at all at all…too many things to do, too little time. I have to say I have found blogging and wordpress to be the steepest learning curve ever…its brilliant really. The last three years-since I’ve been posting here-have seen the biggest changes for me…I learned, am learning so much.

        As for wine…it makes my comments longer(obviously)but doesnt lend much to the creative end of things ๐Ÿ™‚ Stick to the beer I say!Anyway the wine is gone…for the best really, before I bore the pants off all us ..nite ๐Ÿ™‚


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