It is hard not to spend time wondering about people when you’re in the gym, there’s nothing much else to do. Being the kind of female who spends the minimum amount of time on her appearance, men who cultivate an image, who spend time on their hair, for instance, rather bemuse me. Scare me even.

I once broke up with a guy after I found out he was a cross dresser not because it bothered me as such but because I had nothing to offer him. In terms of clothes that is. I was embarrassed my own sartorial meagreness.

I have to say I don’t really understand anyone of any sex being eager to get into a dress. I suppose it was because I was pulled out of trees and stuffed into them so many times.

There have always been dandies but for some reason this Lumbersexual Look (The Urban Lumberjack with Beard Look) Β has brought it home just how many young men are concerned about their style. And what was it Jennifer Aniston allegedly said when she split up with Brad Pitt?’

‘It’s a relief not to be with someone who spends more time in the bathroom than me.’

Still, each to their own and in fact its nice to have a variety of people about the place but I did have to laugh this evening when the punch bag, which had hardly been moved by the Lumbersexual type, was taken over by a clean-shaven, non-styled, wiry man of my own generation and given a serious working over….

PS There’s no hidden meaning here in case you’re wondering. Its just a weird doodle….

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