This ones a homage to my New Zealand comic strip friend https://boredinarecordshop.wordpress.com/(do visit his blog and follow) whose colours and patterns are just delicious and whose output is immense as well as finely honed. He inspired me to give some more detail a go so I broke out my colouredy pencils and lashed into it. It took me far longer than my regular scribbles (being impatient, I ended up rushing it) which only deepened my respect for my compadre. Hats off to you TooTunes.

The joke I can blame no-one for. I do love the idea of spending a lot of time and effort doing vast, intricate strips around bad jokes. After all that’s what life is isn’t it?A bad joke that involves a hell of a lot of effort…

Click image to embiggen as always…THE PARTY LINE SM


8 responses to “UNITED WE CONGER

  1. …went to look at your NZ comic strip friends site…and discovered it was me!…I blush….even if you tried real hard I could take no blame for the grouper pun, for here we call them hapuka… : ) ….wow…lack of patience be damned, you should get those colouredy pencils out more often….(am stealing the term colouredy by the way…*like*)…

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    • And who else would it be?Im in love with your colouredy comic strips 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration…and I loved using the pencils (though I had lost my yellow one and had to use a crayon!)its been years since I’ve used them, used to use them all the time. I am glad you like it…and thanks for Hapuka too, much better than Grouper though sad I can’t make you take the blame…!I must check my international phrase book next time I make a bad joke….

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  2. well I’m late to the party!!! Group me in ‘latecomer’. This didn’t appear in my reader, and I missed it, and there’s Tony & Othertony and Pamo… 😦
    Fab drawings, very colouredyful and funny 🙂

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    • Don’t worry…this is from last year…though I’m surprised you didn’t see it then because I can always count in your visits…so yes…off with their heads!


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