A silly doodle from a couple of years ago in honour of some game or other that is going on today. I am not completely anti-sports. I can watch the World Cup soccer if Ireland is playing and I get inflamed by a good game of hurling but rugby is beyond my comprehension. As soon as it starts it stops again. It is incomprehensible to me how anyone can watch it. Who would want to watch a game that is both boring and irritating?Half the country apparently.

The only game of rugby I watched right through was a womens World Cup game between Spain and Scotland in Melrose in the Borders about fifteen years ago. There were only about 30 spectators. Partly it was the novelty that kept my interest but it also seemed to me that the womens game was far fiercer and faster moving that any of the male rugby games I’d (half) seen. Another like it might be worth grabbing a couple of beers and pulling up a sofa for. But today?Sorry chaps.RUG BEE COLOUR