Well you’ve all probably heard of the shark encounter that happened between surfer Mick Fanning and a Great White Shark at the J-Bay Open at Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. Happily no-one was too badly hurt though the shark sustained a couple of punches. I couldn’t resist this andย I found out I love drawing sharks…

Click on image to embiggen!FANNING AROUND 2 SM


    • Thanks Tony…I think my Badum Fish needs work but I’m glad I discovered and TooTunes put it into my mind as I was drawing it as I often get the Badum-Tish from both you as reward for my terrible puns :)….and cartoons sharks just look hilarious don’t they?


  1. As fishy cartoons go, it was Brill. Three very minor suggestions…

    1) Add an end frame to each cartoon strip saying “FIN”.

    2) One of the sharks has to be called George. You see, a very-young-at-the-time nephew once told me how he’d seen this brilliant scary video the other night about a big fish that terrorised people. At his tender age, being allowed to watch horror movies? I asked him what it was called.

    “George,” he said, explaining that every time it was about to attack there would be this music that went tum-te-tum-te-tum-te-tum (the young nephew made it sound more like the theme tune to “The Archers” than to “Jaws”).

    3) The Badum Fish could have a little mate, a baby crab called The Nipper. Or The Snapper.

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    • GREAT suggestions Mel!I actually made a short movie recently and put a shark fin swimming across the screen at the end…so I shoulda thought of that.
      George…I like it…George with an Archers theme tune…there’s a comic in there…an anti Jaws, a failed killer. I also think one of the sharks is called Noel but Ive no idea why…
      And also yes to the Badum Fishes side kick. I think he’s going to appear again (especially as bad puns seem to be my forte..)and a sidekick would be cool.
      Thanks Mel (fish)food for thought๐Ÿ˜†


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