Years ago when I noticed artist friends of mine becoming interested in felt making and working with felt I was a bit bamboozled as I always associated those sorts of crafts with remedial activities like basket making. Having since become ‘edumacated’ I have become acquainted with feminist critique and I know now of course that such crafts, which were also associated with women and children, were reclaimed by the women’s movement in the 1970s in an effort to bring these things into the mainstream. Later waves of female artists create any which way they want.

Knowing this doesn’t give felting any more appeal to me, unless it’s felting a roof, as I am a bit of a tom boy(tom man?) and certain things are a bit too girlie for me. In the past I have been happiest when I making a large mess, dangling from a scaffold, labouring in a rat infested warehouse or/and hacking lumps of flesh from my hands. However each to their own and of course I am not innocent of indulging in what may seem to some to be remedial or childish art forms… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Still, I couldn’t stop myself imagining how a felt making workshop would evolve if I ever did try my hand at it…

Click to embiggen…FELT MAKING SM

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  1. I went to a women’s collage group once and ended up making something deviant from what everybody else was making. I found it impossible to “follow the rules.” Never went back.

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    • I don’t blame you!I have a bit of a horror of groups (and particularly womens art groups) for that reason. In fact theres another cartoon on the subject in the pipeline. Creativity is personal, rules are good to learn but even better to break but so often in groups the weaker follow what the most domineering personality wants and there is usually a lot of time and energy given to group ‘politics’. A more casual support network works for me. I know some great women artists but all are too busy and too independent to do the group thing..


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