Having edumcated myself in recent years I have become acquainted with feminist critique so I know that crafts like basket making, needle work and so on, crafts that used to be seen as the province of children, women or the mentally unsound, were quite rightly reclaimed by the women’s movement in the 1970s. Felting  workshops particularly seem de riguer now. It’s not really my bag (hehe) but I imagine this is how a felt making workshop would proceed if it was run by me…

Click to embiggen…FELT MAKING SM

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  1. I went to a women’s collage group once and ended up making something deviant from what everybody else was making. I found it impossible to “follow the rules.” Never went back.

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    • I don’t blame you!I have a bit of a horror of groups (and particularly womens art groups) for that reason. In fact theres another cartoon on the subject in the pipeline. Creativity is personal, rules are good to learn but even better to break but so often in groups the weaker follow what the most domineering personality wants and there is usually a lot of time and energy given to group ‘politics’. A more casual support network works for me. I know some great women artists but all are too busy and too independent to do the group thing..


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