I’m blaming Mothers’ day for this and all those soft focussed memes that jam up my social media newsfeeds. It’s odd that all women who’ve had a child are considered paragons of virtue for that reason alone. Surely that irks some mothers too?having your most valued trait being one that occurs almost by default. Certainly it initially takes more thought and consideration for many of us to wade against the genetic tide. And just because you spend your life being in charge of little people doesn’t necessarily make you nice. Sometimes the opposite. Just Google ‘The Mother Wound’, ‘Mothers & Daughters’ , ‘Toxic Parents’ or ‘General Psycho Barmyness’. Or ask most daughters.

And still mothers  get their own day on which everyone has to tell them how fabulous they are ad nauseum while the childless are often considered selfish non-people. And really we’re not. Aside from sawing the arms off the odd child that is…

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  1. …and Tony Single, in case you didnt get my reply by emails….what I said to Fraggle…thanks for your comment, you are a good litmus test when I am not sure if I got the balanace right! 🙂


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