Anyone who is an artist will recognise this. As times get leaner it seems everyone’s at it. If artists were at the more well off end of the spectrum if might be OK perhaps but the opposite tends to be true…

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      • I don’t think it will. I am quite devastated, and also surprised I feel so deeply about it. My vote to remain was the result of a lot of research and reading from both points of view and I am staggered at what seems a cataclysmic enormity to me. I wish that I could feel optimistic about the future, which is usually my default position whatever happens in the world, but I really think this is the tip of a huge iceberg that’s going to crumble and then avalanche. So sad πŸ˜•.

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      • (Sorry my replies are appearing backwards…I think…its a bit early for me πŸ™‚ )…Doom and gloom are more than acceptable Fraggle and its nice to hear from you even in this way, it’s very human, social media often has us all putting on our smiley faces it’s just not real sometimes (a lot of times for me!)…theres rather a large undercurrent (or under currant) of doom in a lot of my cartoons anyway…this one is a result of my despair for the future of the struggling artist and therefore the arts and therefore our world! πŸ™‚ :/

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      • I am so sorry to hear that. Being slightly removed from it all (or thinking I am but in reality anyone in Europe is not) I am managing not to project catastrophic outcomes ..so far…but in the back of my mind I know this could be bad. In these times, when there’s little we can do as individuals, trying to take one day at a time is best. It may be bad…but you know what, no one knows what the future holds…it could be bad, it could be not so bad, it could be…ok. We just don’t know right now. Fingers crossed for all of us…and keep taking your wonderful photos and spreading all that is good in what you see around you Fraggle R πŸ™‚

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    • I do…and I wish other artists would see the importance to their community of valuing their individual work…unfortunately there are still a lot of artists who queue up to give their work away…at a recent charity show artists were thanking the organiser for the opportunity to give their work away!…it makes me spit! (and inspired these cartoons πŸ™‚ )…it doesn’t help that so many people are trying their hand at art now, often people who have made their money doing other things…across all the arts we are seeing now that the only people who make art are the well off or secure..music suffers from this a lot now….and with that we will see a lowering of quality too…I recently read a book called Culture Crash by Scott Timburg about the collapse of the artistic middle class which is a good read…ooo look at me, I’m ranting :)…thanks Rachael, always nice to hear from you.


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