“Maurice couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that someone was watching him…”


Lately a collared dove, who I immediately ‘knew’ was called Maurice, has been visiting my bird table. He’s a lot more jumpy and suspicious than my regular gang of sparrows and finches if maybe not as bright. He certainly hasn’t connected this new bountiful food source with me yet, or if he has he keeps forgetting. I can’t help being reminded of the cartoons of Gary Larson when I watch Maurice (actually I think they’ve influenced me hugely) and the caption sprung to mind as soon as I snapped this photograph..

I would post a Larson cartoon to illustrate the point but Larson long ago expressed a desire for his images not to be shared online, which is why you’ll rarely see his work on the internet now.

There’s another cartoon in the works, should be along later in the week…

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