WRY BREAD, EPISODE ONE: ~ Good Guys & Bap Guys

Episode one of Wry Bread. I have been meaning for a long time to run with a character for a number of reasons. I have picked on Ray Wry and Co. because I keep thinking of really really stupid scenarios that crack me up. And a loaf of bread as P.I.?Not to mention a gormless Irish sidekick (it’s not racist if I’m Irish right?). Ah joy. Also Noir, who doesn’t love it?Noir and baked goods, a rich seam waiting to be mined…

Also I think it will be a good discipline for me to tailor stories, to focus them. Not only that, I want to implement some structured posting to save me time and to try to slow me down a bit as well as allowing me to post more often-if that makes sense. Sometimes I get carried away and want to post one idea all at once and end up staying up half the night or forgetting to make dinner. Or go to the toilet. Which means a lot of the time I decide I can’t spare the time (or the bowel disruptions). I have observed that taking a less excited and more measured approach (a foreign concept to me) to publishing posts can yield good results, better artwork, more honed jokes. Less spelling mitsakes…mistakes.Β This doesn’t mean there won’t be other ‘toons cropping up erratically too. I know there will! Anyway, famous last words..let’s see how I do…

I am going to aim for a run of eight weeks with Ray, once a week. Show times will be Thursday midday GMT…

Click on the image to embiggen as always πŸ™‚WRY-BREAD-EP-1sm

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    • Well I don’t know if I am but I certainly like hearing it…and from a talent like yourself, its you and the gang that always take time to visit that keep me going…thanks Tony πŸ™‚

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