WRY BREAD:(Self)Raising a Glass to the Blog Awards

We (we being me and all the characters that appear here-they are real you know πŸ™‚ ) were very surprised and pleased to learn during the week that we made the finalist list for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards. Genuinely didn’t expect to get this far, there must be more weirdos on the judging panel that ever before…that’s a compliment judges!Just to say many thanks to those judges and every one at the Blog Awards and also to those of the public who took the time to vote. I’ll also thank those who come and visit and take the time to comment. It’s all appreciated and keeps the whole show on the road. Best of luck and well done to all the others who were nominated for the final, those who made it to the short list and the long list. In fact anyone who’s just doing it!It’s a great community to be part of…

Now, click to embiggen!BLOG-AWARDSSM

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