An oldie re-coloured. I would love to do this as a full storyboard after the film Oliver! in which this scene lasts about seven or eight minutes and is teeming with dancers of all types except mine would be teeming with fish but right now I am up to my oxters in college work so it’s a shorty. This song has been going around my head since I thought of it so I had to get it out…

As always, click on image to embiggen!



9 responses to “BOTTOM DWELLERS

  1. …oh wow…show tunes! I’m good at show tunes (yes, yes I’m aware of the connotations)…where’s she going with this?…oh, I should have guessed…a bad pun…a drop dead hilarious bad pun…still wiping the tears from my eyes….


    • Haha!Isn’t it TERRIBLE?Can you imagine a whole production, weeks or months of drawing with that punchline?I’ll have to do it some time. Anyway, Thank you!…I was struggling for this for a while…how to draw it and then I watched Oliver for clues and my funny bone said YES!thats how I’ll do it!and I did it and posted it and then as often happens the reception is lukewarm to non existent (bar one or two honourables) and I think I got it horribly wrong until I hear from you. I think too that because there is usually some carnage and death in my other ‘toons it catches people out. I know I was waiting for one of those fish to jump out. My trigger finger was itching by the fourth or fifth panel. So I could say all the other ‘toons were leading to this…Thank you my friend on the other side of the world. You make it all worthwhile.


    • Thanks Jean. Me too! I am paraphrasing Homer…Simpson that is who used ‘ensmallen’. Maybe he used embiggen too. Funny when I start using these words I forget what the ‘real’ words are and wonder why we didn’t use them in the first place!


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