Who’s Crying Now?

Normally I sketch out my ‘toons roughly. Then draw them out in black pen slightly less roughly and then scan it and work on it on my laptop. I don’t bother to write any of the dialogue in as I add that in Photoshop and I don’t worry about readability because I can move the panels around, again in Photoshop. But I have always thought I have lost something – or we have lost something – in depending so much on computer programs. Traditionally cartoonists would have ,spend more time drawing everything out and I know even in the small bit of time I spend working on these ‘toons new, the ideas in them become more refined. I think of http://www.boredinarecordshop.wordpress.com who would draw his cartoons out beautifully on paper. This lends a sort of energyΒ  as well as a specialness to cartoons. I know if if drew out all my cartoons they wouldn’t be so beautiful. They’d be a bit sloppy, a bit hard to follow but that might be OK?I mean that’s ME you know?So this week I tried to be a bit (a small bit) tidier with my initial sketch and when I scanned it in I only whited in the background a little. Everything else is the same as it is on the page. In reality. Let me know what you think…


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