Thursday Toon – Outdoors Man

There was a time when cartoons came to me, thick and fast. Mostly thick perhaps. They were particularly urgent when I had to do my college dissertations but the last two years the tap has run dry which makes me think that they are a by product of a particular kind of work. This week, as a project I had been working on for two years looked like it might be finishing up, this one came to me in the old way. So perhaps that project was somehow soaking up the ‘toon brain or perhaps brain didnt need the distraction from it. I still don’t know…but here it is. I am including the sketch below a cleaned up version which is missing the last panel which it didn’t need. But I think I will add a last panel of Wolfgang running screaming towards the forest…

Below is the first draft. It may hurt your eyes to try and read it…

Turned to Jelly

A reworking of an old one in ‘honour’ (ahem) of all the new swimmers about. Especially dedicated to the big black off the leash dog who had a piss (or a shit, I didn’t wait to check) beside my towel today when I was in the water, and his owners who then parked themselves right there (I swear!), obviously thinking it would be a privilege for anyone to be allowed to sit at bollock level to their smelly animal on a near empty beach while listening to them wittering. That I summarily rejected this privilege obviously came as a surprise but I’m weird like that!

Click to embiggen!

Thursday Toon: Colourful language

I don’t know why I have been so absent from my blogs of late. I am busy for sure but I’ve been busy before. I particularly don’t like to force cartoons but lo and behold on popped into my head in the middle of the night earlier this week and here it is! Maybe they’ll start appearing again more regularly. Who knows?I have no idea if this is any good but I like it. Hope you’re all well!

Thursday Toon: Different Strokes

In Ireland people of all ages often mix but that doesn’t mean we always speak the same language. My uncle Jim died recently and though it was a sad occasion, I tucked this nugget away for future use.

I am trying to post ‘toons in rough form but thought some translation of my writing might help…

(As it was a Covid era funeral the depiction here does not reflect the distanced reality)