Maeve the Ardent but Addled Administrator: Day 11 without staples

‘Maeve, her creativity undimmed, tries to keep her documents together by spearing them with sharp objects. Twigs are too prone to breaking but bones from the human foot seem to work a little better.’

‘However Maeve decides they are more suited to acting as toggles on her new ‘duffel coat’ which she has made from skin unused skin material that was increasingly available.’

‘So pleased was she with her ingenuity that she failed to notice the rapidly approaching ice cream van or hear its doom-laden song…”


Schrödinger in Ireland

So I put out a call on facebook for a subject for this weeks ‘toon and my pal Pim suggested ‘Schrödinger in Ireland’. No one suggested anything else because, as it turns out, this is a pretty cool subject. After a bit of research (which I am not going into. Google it!) I got excited and began developing a whole graphic story which I thought I could posts in episodes. Then I grabbed hold of myself and did this shorty instead. But look out for the graphic story later in the year..