Carol (Part One)

This is a story I created for a competition in the Irish Times last year. Some of you may notice parts of it are from earlier cartoons. I had hopes that it would get into the top 10 and would be published in their anthology. No such luck. Rejection is hard to take and easy to take personally. I would like to say my style is just not fashionable (I’m a prophet before my time!) but in reality there were probably some good reasons it didn’t make the cut so I asked for feedback from a friend with long experience in the animation, cartoon and graphics game, Anthony Power. On the basis of his excellent advice I realised that parts of it were indeed quite hard to follow and I had included more text than necessary. So I have made it a little more readable (though you still may have to work a little at it)  and though it is still not perfect, I now present it in four parts this the eleventy hundredth week of lockdown. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments!

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